Xen Cloud Platform 0.5发布

2010年9月5日 | 标签: , ,


这个类似Citrix Xen server ,Citrix xen server是有许可限制,且不开源,XCP是开源并且免费

XCP 0.5包括如下软件包功能
•Xen 3.4.2
•Linux 2.6.27
•Fully signed windows PV drivers
•Improved SR-IOV support
•Heterogeneous machine resource pool support
•Templates for many different guest types (including latest Ubuntu, Debian)
•Full-featured enterprise class management toolstack
◦Multi-host resource pools
◦Live VM snapshots, checkpoints, migration
◦Disaster recovery support

◦Flexible storage, networking, host power management
◦Event tracking, progress notification
◦Performance monitoring and alerting
◦XMLRPC-bsaed API and powerful CLI